Hotel Marañón started operating 5 years ago with the desire to become an option for first class accommodation with a warm human treatment and highly competitive service.

The preference of our passengers, who come to us mostly by recommendation of other passengers, confirm that we have done our job the best way. Thus, in a few years we have become one of the fastest growing and most widely accepted hotels in the city of Iquitos.

We invite you to make a reservation and experience our service. We will be happy to serve you with the cordiatitly that characterizes our people.
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Among the services we offer to our guests, we have:

Air conditioning, wireless internet, telephone, minibar, cable TV, hot and cold water and private bathroom. All these services available in all rooms.

We also have additional amenities to make your stay even more pleasant, such as: pool, restaurant and computer with internet access in the lobby.

It is important to note also that our local traditional festivals are regularly held. During these events, we prepare local dishes and special activities for our guests, so they can have a vivid experience of these festivities.
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Each of our rooms offers the following services:
  • Air Conditioning,
  • Wireless Internet,
  • Telephone,
  • Minibar,
  • Cable TV,
  • Hot and cold water,
  • Own bathroom.
We can also meet specific requirements of our guests upon availability.
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We offer 3 types of rooms:
  • Single room
    Cost: S /. 99.00 (USD 36.00 aprox.) per night
  • Matrimonial
    Cost: S /. 150.00 per night (USD 56.00 aprox.)
  • Double room
    Cost: S /. 160.00 per night (USD 60.00 aprox.)
  • Triple room
    Cost: S /. 190.00 per night (USD 70.00 aprox.)

All packages include American or continental breakfast and airport-hotel-airport transportation in our mobility. Prices stated in dollars can vary depending on daily exchange rate.
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